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Animal chiropractic and acupuncture are that focus on decreasing pain and restoring function.

Who do we help?

No matter where they are on their life’s journey, we want your companion’s time with you to be fulfilling, comfortable and happy.

Our careers were inspired by the senior pets who have shared our lives… our angels, our guides. It is in their honor that we do our best for YOUR best friend every day.

In addition to working with cats and dogs that have pain or dysfunction, we also maintain many canine athletes

We are extremely honored to be trusted with the care of many high level dogs in agility,  dock diving, herding, field trialing, obedience, and conformation.

Animals provide so many services to humans in addition to companionship. From K9 Police officers to seizure alert animals to mobility assist animals to dogs that assist individuals with post-traumatic stress disorder.  Search and Rescue, Seeing Eye, Helping Paws…  this list goes on and on. 

These animals may work long hours, carry items for their handlers, even bear a portion of their handler’s weight during a balance assist.  Chiropractic can help them perform at their best; happily, safely and comfortably.  

We deeply appreciate and respect the work these animals do for their people.  Handlers, please be sure to ask about the Service Animal discount.

Any physical trauma has the potential of leaving chiropractic issues behind in the body – These leftover issues, called “chiropractic subluxations” can delay healing or lead to further injury or dysfunction over time.

Physical trauma may be from rough-housing with another animal or from an injury like a car accident or a fall.

Anesthesia, x-rays and surgery, although not considered “trauma” are processes that stress the physical body. 

Having your animal examined and treated by a chiropractor after any of these events or procedures can aid in their speedy and thorough recovery.

Who loves hunting more, you or your dog?  I bet that’s a tough question to answer.

Dogs who get to hunt would generally do it in ANY weather condition, no matter how tired or sore they may be – simply because they love it SO much!

We want to keep your dog hunting with you as long as possible.

Hunting is an athletic event for your partner. Sometimes they have to “dive” into action (literally) without the chance to do a physical warm up.

Getting a tune-up for your dog at the beginning and the end of your hunting season may help them enjoy their time with you even more for many years to come.

How do we help?

Animal Chiropractic

Pet Care Partners supports canine and feline clients with the following issues and more, through chiropractic care and craniosacral therapy. 


Acupuncture treatments at Pet Care Partners are performed by specially trained veterinarians. 

Acupuncture has shown to be helpful with issues such as those listed below.

Cold Laser

Cold laser is sometimes used in conjunction with the other modalities offered at Pet Care Partners.

Cold laser helps increase the metaobolic efficiency of the cells to which it is applied.

It can be used to…

For more about the fascinating benefits of laser treatments, see this article by our own Rachel Stephensen, DVM

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